I’ve been living under a rock because I haven’t seen the Merry Miller interview of Holly Hunter.  Today I finally got around to seeing it.  Then I watched Merry’s response to her atrocious interview.  In her response, she was asked what she thought of all the youtube user comments.  She mentioned that some of the users wanted to know what kind of lipstick she was wearing.  What the heck?


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen.  My dear, sweet, lovely wife and I were in an important meeting with our mortgage officer discussing details regarding our loan for our new home.


Our agent was telling us how much our taxes and escrow were going to be.  “Taxes will be included in your escrow account.  And this brings your escrow to $50,000 a month.”


My jaw hits the floor … it must be a typo or something.  I’m just about to log my protest when my sweet, loving, tender, beautiful wife asks, “Where did you get your nail polish?”


My shock from the monthly escrow amount is now overcome by the shock of my wife’s seemingly trivial question.  We’re going to have to force our kids to work in a Nike factory to afford this house and she’s concerned about nail polish?


The loan lady smiles widely and turns to my wife.  The two begin chattering about weird colors and such.  I’m thinking about buying lottery tickets and deciding which body part I should harvest.