News out of Oregon indicates that gangsters are decorating their eyebrows.  Although late to the call, Oregonian gangsters are finally heeding George Bush’s call for a “kinder and gentler nation

DuShaun Prince, a Centennial High School senior says, “We just figured the girls would be all hip with some cool eyebrows instead of low-hanging pants.  So we took a poll last month and found that 83% of the chicks would dig groomed eyebrows.”

Rudy Martinez, who is also a member of the Gangsters for the Improvment of Relations with the Community and Betterment of Image or (GFIRWC&BI) thinks that the poll was flawed.  In light of all the snickering girls seen in the hallways, he thinks that girls intententially skewed the poll.

The gangters have since decided to move away from groomed eyebrows and are now looking into pink wristbands or wearing tampons as earings.