I’m becoming more convinced that Oregon is or is becoming a castrated state.

These poor 12-year-old boys can’t handle playing basketball with a girl.  The 6’1 12-year-old girl‘s mom explained how her daughter got kicked off the team.

“She scored 30 points,” Jaime’s mom, Reiko Williams, told The Oregonian. “I remember one play. She stole the ball, dribbled up court and made a behind-the-back pass to a teammate. He missed the lay-in, and she grabbed the rebound and put it in. I think it was just too much for some of those parents.

“The next day, she came home and said they wouldn’t let her play with the boys anymore.”

Instead of playing like boys around this girl, the boys whine to their parents and complain that they can’t really play like they “normally” do around the other boys … so the parents complain and get the girl kicked off the team!

They are all wusses – the boys and their parents.  Jaime, the 6’1 12-year-old girl (I’m still in awe) should be allowed to continue to play on her team.  The boys just need to grow some nuts.