I was shooting the basketball at the local gym.  Ten of us had just finished a game in which my team won.  Then everyone left except me.  I stayed to practice my deadly 3-point shot.

The ball swished through the net and bounced to the wall behind the basket.  I walked over to pick it up.  I bounced the ball once and then stopped.  My right (shooting) hand was gooey and discustingly wet.  The ball had bounced in a puddle of spittle.  It wasn’t the watered down kind … it was the snotty white-greenish kind … absolutly sickening.

I threw the ball away and dried my hand off with the towl and picked up another basketball.  I continued to shoot 3-point shots.  I hit the first, the second and the third.  I shot a fourth and nailed it.  Ten shots later and I still had not missed.  No … no way … it couldn’t be.

I backed up three feet behind the NBA line – swish.  Halfcourt – off the backboard and in.  Insane.

I have an appointment today with an NBA team representative.