I can’t believe I’ve missed adding The Smoking Gun to my list of links.  There is always something interesting to read over there.

Here is a story from The Smoking Gun about a father and son who share the distinct passion of tattooing their foreheads.  I’m filing this story under Discovery Moment because now that father and son have their faces plastered on The Smoking Gun, perhaps they will take a few moment to reflect on their position in life.  Maybe they will turn their lives around and find a cure for cancer or win the $300M McCain car battery prize.

Of course before that happens, these boys would have to make a few minor course corrections.  Getting a steady job that requires the use of ones brain might be a good start.  I can only imagine how a job interview might go.

“What skills do you possess for maintaining a Unix server environment?”

“I can git-r-dun.”

“Indeed, but specifically, what kind of Unix or any kind of server experience do you have?”

“I can git-r-dun.”

“Thank you for your time Mr. Bebees. You may be excused.”

“Can I take some of that there candy?”

“You may.”