July 2008

He’s on a roll today.

I ask myself if I would prefer to be whacked with a rolled up newspaper when I pooped on the carpet or be forced to stay in a coffin-sized cage for several hours while desperately squeezing my butt cheeks together to keep the turtle in the shell.

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I think his life was doomed when his parents named him … Parley Jeffs Dutson.

Do you think that Parley has any chances of turning his life around?  When he finally came down from his high, do you think he took an accounting of all the good and bad that he has done in his life?  I wonder to which side the balance tipped.

He’s accused of killing his 15-year-old girlfriend.  There’s a murder story every day in the news, but what caught my attention was what Parley did when the cops arrested him.

According to this article, he doesn’t remember “humping the floor and then a police car after he was arrested.”

If he ever gets out of this pinch and does a 180, he can always support the ‘I humped your Hummer’ cause.

In describing the American Idol concert he recently attended, he said,

The sound system in the Arco Arena was like four winos farting in a steel drum.

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