While perusing the Oregon newslines, I found a sports commentary in which the writer admits that Oregonians have limited capacity and enthusiasm for local sports … which is why they have the Trailblazers and nothing else (except for 2nd rate Pac-10 teams).

Here’s how he spins Oregonians’ narrow support.

When it comes to sports, Oregonians specialize. They care very deeply and passionately about their teams. They hang one flag outside the house. They have one battle cry. They’re monomaniacal with their support and devotion.

They live it, and love it, and own it.

They hang one flag outside their house because they only sell one flag in Oregon and Oregon sports fans lack the brain capacity to cheer on more than one team … which is why they have one and only one team.

On the other hand, I’m sure 8 of 10 Oregon sports fans can name the lumber-jack champion from the past five years.