We have a GI-Office-Joe here.

I don’t have to add any flourish to his description to make it funny.

His office has two toy muscly military men that stand guard on his desk.

Today he wore combat boots, combat pants and an Under Armor shirt – the kind that shows every ripple, curve or protrusion on your body.  He wore just the Under Armor shirt … tucked into his combat pants.

He shaves his head … presumably with a Bic razor or something like it.

He wears sun-glasses … inside … all the time.

There is a 5-foot tall American flag hanging in his office.  There’s nothing wrong with having the Flag in an office.  In fact almost everyone has a little American flag stand on their desk.  He just happens to also have a 5-foot tall flag.

The ironic characteristic about him is he almost always talks in a falsetto voice.  His voice sounds like someone who’s had his gonads whacked with an aluminum bat by Barry Bonds.

Unfortunately, he demands that everyone around him maintain the same standards as he does.  If you go to his office, before you speak to him, you have to drop and produce 10 push ups.

When you do speak to him, you must attach a vice-grip to your nuts to raise your voice to falsetto level.  Ladies have an easier time talking to him.

You never know if he is looking at you because of his sunglasses.  You can’t joke around him … he might see you and order you to do 35 sit-ups.  So we are always on alert mode when he comes around.

Yes, our GI-Office-Joe is quite the nut job.