Yesterday I read an article entitled Trading Places which dicusses the demographic inversion of the American city.  Or in other words how white people are moving back to urban and city areas and non-white people are moving to the suburbs.

Then today I read Half Sigma’s post discussing a NY Time article regarding the Section 8 federal housing voucher program.

These articles remind me of the Law and Order episode (#398 ) that discussed this whole issue of white rich people moving back into the city and how they confront black urban families who feel threatened with this white encroachment.  The tension seems to be happening in both the cities and suburbia.

Growing up in Oregon, I knew of one “black” kid.  And he wasn’t even 100% black.  I think he was half latino.  After we moved to the Southwest, we noticed the stark contrast of the white northwest to the diversified South-Southwest.

Just last year, our 2nd grade daughter was the only white girl in her class.  My wife was really anxious about that.  Her anxiety comes from an idea that Half Sigma points out … that some lower-class students don’t share our middle-class values (read this post).