October 2008

To complete the trifecta, we learn of an Oregon couple who thought their faith would heal their son of a urinary tract infection.  Despite their prayers (which had already been answered in the form of  medical advancment) their 16-year-old son died.

Thankfully, the State of Oregon will hold this couple accountable for the death of their son.

The article also states that this 16-year-old’s cousin died 4 months earlier because her parent’s faith proved fruitless in her battle against pneumonia.


Of all 50 states, Oregon is the only state that sanctions the right of people to kill themselves.  The state is so cavalier about this law that they practically encourage people to go ahead and kick the bucket as soon as possible.

One resident got a rude awakening during the course of trying to procure a drug for her lung cancer.  This article states,  

Barbara Wagner … was turned down by the state’s Oregon Health Plan for a new drug called Tarceva. In a letter sent by a company that administers one of the state’s insurance plans, Wagner was informed of the “physician aid in dying” option that could include lethal prescriptions as well as visits to doctors required to obtain the drugs.
“I was absolutely hurt that somebody could think that way,” said Wagner. “They won’t pay for me to live but they will pay for me to die.”

Once state officials found out about this incident, they quickly maneuvered to cover up their motives and instructed the officiators of the insurance to not send such letters.

Oregon should change their motto from “The Union” to “The Place to Die”

This is a tragic story.  An Oregon man was working on his truck when it suddenly lunged and pinned him underneath.  The truck refused to get off the man.  The man passed out and then expired.

Oregon needs to do something about rogue trucks who kill their owners.

Another article about the man who was killed by his truck.

Somehow, I have part of a black man in my soul.  I am a white male.  My parents are both white.  All four grandparents are white.  I’m as averge white as you can get.  Yet there remains this black man within.

And so with Barack Obama nearing the presidency, I thought it appropriate to explain to my readers why I think there is a black man within.

I grew up in Oregon.  There aren’t very many black people there.  In our high school of 4000, we had exacly one black boy … and he was 1/2 Mexican.  So I didn’t really learn much about the black culture until I moved to Texas.

One of the first things that I noticed that I have a black man within is how much I love basketball.  I play it three times a week.  I love the NBA.  I don’t care much for the white player in the NBA.  I tend to enjoy watching the black man play more than the white man.

Several year ago, I bought a Mitsubishi Galant.  As I’ve been driving it, I notice other owners of the Galant.  I’d say about 90% of the people I’ve seen driving the Galant are Black.  It is a standing joke between my wife and I … whenever we see a Galant, we go out of our way to see the race of the driver.  Almost always the driver is Black.  And if he or she is not Black, they are a minority.  I especially loved the suped up, ghetto Galants.  My black man within desires to pimp my ride.

I love fried chicken.  Church’s, Popeye’s, KFC, Pollo Campero … you name it, I love it.  I also still love McDonald’s.  (Have you ever noticed that McDonald’s commercials hardly ever market to the white boy anymore?)

Watermelon … my summertime favorite.

This last story really made me realize that I definately have a black man within.  A couple of weeks ago, I attended a co-worker’s 30th anniversary luncheon.  She is Black.  There were two tables … one for her and her family and the other for all the employees.  Of course I sat at the employee table.  There were two black men at the table.  Everyone else was white or Mexican.  For lunch, the meat choice was steak, chicken or salmon.  I love salmon, so naturally I ordered it.  When the meat came out, I noticed everyone at the table ordered steak except the three people who ordered salmon.  As I said, I was one of the salmon orders.  The other two … you guessed it … the two black men at the table.  No one knew why I was laughing out loud when the meat arrived.

That’s all the evidence I have.  As more surfaces, I’ll post it.

On a side note … have you ever listened to a black person pray?  Count how many times they say the word “just” in their prayers.