This article appears smack on top of Drudge this morning.  Out of Financial Times (, this article delves into why One World is closer than ever.

Read the entire column here.

Now some might wonder why a unified world government is bad.  I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but the main reason is control.  One government controling the entire world?  That just doesn’t sound right.

 And what about corruption?  Corruption already exists in smaller governments.  But those government can be overturned via elections or a coup.  But how do you defeat a world government?  It almost sounds like Star Wars where there is a Rebellion Alliance trying to throw down a Supreme dictator.

Tying the control and corruption issues together spells trouble for everyone.  As the article states,

International governance tends to be effective, only when it is anti-democratic.

The world’s problems are complex.  I can see the need to have one body issuing mandates on certain issues, but when you have a monopoly in government the scope of those handful of complex problems widens until you have one government controlling everything and everyone.  Eventually, creativity gets stifled, liberties are lost and a new kind of slavery emerges.