Discovery Moment

I think his life was doomed when his parents named him … Parley Jeffs Dutson.

Do you think that Parley has any chances of turning his life around?  When he finally came down from his high, do you think he took an accounting of all the good and bad that he has done in his life?  I wonder to which side the balance tipped.

He’s accused of killing his 15-year-old girlfriend.  There’s a murder story every day in the news, but what caught my attention was what Parley did when the cops arrested him.

According to this article, he doesn’t remember “humping the floor and then a police car after he was arrested.”

If he ever gets out of this pinch and does a 180, he can always support the ‘I humped your Hummer’ cause.


I can’t believe I’ve missed adding The Smoking Gun to my list of links.  There is always something interesting to read over there.

Here is a story from The Smoking Gun about a father and son who share the distinct passion of tattooing their foreheads.  I’m filing this story under Discovery Moment because now that father and son have their faces plastered on The Smoking Gun, perhaps they will take a few moment to reflect on their position in life.  Maybe they will turn their lives around and find a cure for cancer or win the $300M McCain car battery prize.

Of course before that happens, these boys would have to make a few minor course corrections.  Getting a steady job that requires the use of ones brain might be a good start.  I can only imagine how a job interview might go.

“What skills do you possess for maintaining a Unix server environment?”

“I can git-r-dun.”

“Indeed, but specifically, what kind of Unix or any kind of server experience do you have?”

“I can git-r-dun.”

“Thank you for your time Mr. Bebees. You may be excused.”

“Can I take some of that there candy?”

“You may.”

I know I’ve not kept up with this blog as much as my readers would want me to, but life gets in the way sometimes.

To kickstart this blog again, I’ve decided to add another category.  This one will be called “Discovery Moment” which is the moment in a person’s life in which he has realized that somewhere, sometime in his past, he took a wrong turn.  After this moment, he wonders if he needs a life-changing course correction or if should simply throw his hands up in the air, say to himself, “the hell with it” and continue on the (downward) path that has led him to this moment.  Usually these moments occur after the person has done something or has had something done to him and the action has been broadcast to the whole world.  In essence, the person gets a cold-eyes review of his life.

Our first “Discovery Moment” comes out of the Phillipines where on January 3, a 39-year-old male florist (which means he’s gay) entered a hospital seeking medical attention.  His ailment: an aerosol can was jammed up his ass.

According to the article, the florist “was too drunk to remember how the body spray canister ended up in his body.”

After he left the hospital, did he go home and wonder where he took the wrong turn?  I’m sure there was a point in his life where “get a can shoved up my butt” was not on his list of goals.

And now a word about the brave doctors and staff who removed the can.  You know that as soon as word got out that a patient was about to have a can pulled out of his anus, everyone is that hospital wanted front row seats.  There may have even been some people eating Junior Mints while they observed.

My favorite part of this article is when the “doctor gingerly pulls out the 6-inch long canister from the male patient’s rectum, someone shouts, “Baby out!” amid loud cheers.

“The doctor then removes the canister cap and sprays the contents toward the crowd of nurses and doctors viewing the procedure.”


That staff knows how to have fun on the job!