flumaskSo I’ve been off the blogging scene for a while.  Life, once in a while, gets so busy that I can’t blog as often as I’d like.  But I’m back for now.

Honestly, I forgot about this blog for a bit.  But I quickly remembered it this morning while watching the news.  The top news story for the last week has been the swine flu originating from Mexico.

When I first heard the news, I thought that this was the next public scare like the avian flu from a few years ago.  At that time, the avian flu came on slowly.  There were lots of stories in the news and getting the world prepped for this massive outbreak.  We were reminded of the 100 million killed by the flu in 1917-18.  But all that has since left the scene and is not on the news anymore.

Now comes the swine flu … practically unexpectedly.  Suddenly the avian flu is back on topic.  All the scare tactics are being pulled out now.  Just this very minute, there is news that Mexico will shut down from May 1 to May 5.  (Vice President) Biden, on NBC news this morning, said he wouldn’t travel on the subways and airplanes.  And then there is this article from the Telegraph which is entitled “Swine flu: ‘All humanity under threat'”.

Now put on your conspiracytheory glasses.  What will the world call for in order to prevent spreading of future viruses?  Focus on North America and look into the future.  Someone will ask the question, “how can we prevent another outbreak in Mexico or Canada which would impact the United States?”  The answer is to put stricter rules and governance in place that monitors and manages diseases and viruses that pop up in North America.  The same would happen in the other regions of the world.

This is just another step toward One World, although this little crisis is perhaps unexpected and the Obama administration will just take advantage of it.  What’s the saying? … never let a good crisis go to waste.

photo from The Telegraph via Cellar IOD


This article appears smack on top of Drudge this morning.  Out of Financial Times (, this article delves into why One World is closer than ever.

Read the entire column here.

Now some might wonder why a unified world government is bad.  I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but the main reason is control.  One government controling the entire world?  That just doesn’t sound right.

 And what about corruption?  Corruption already exists in smaller governments.  But those government can be overturned via elections or a coup.  But how do you defeat a world government?  It almost sounds like Star Wars where there is a Rebellion Alliance trying to throw down a Supreme dictator.

Tying the control and corruption issues together spells trouble for everyone.  As the article states,

International governance tends to be effective, only when it is anti-democratic.

The world’s problems are complex.  I can see the need to have one body issuing mandates on certain issues, but when you have a monopoly in government the scope of those handful of complex problems widens until you have one government controlling everything and everyone.  Eventually, creativity gets stifled, liberties are lost and a new kind of slavery emerges.

And we keep sliding downward toward dictatorship.  I’ve written before about the conspiracy theory of unifying the world.

In reading the headlines today, about a week after the election of Barack Obama, I read this article about the UK’s prime minister calling for “one world”.

Those wacky Oregonians are at it again.  The residents of Silverton Oregon have elected a trans-gender mayor.  (S)he could have her own sex scandel all by her/himself!

To complete the trifecta, we learn of an Oregon couple who thought their faith would heal their son of a urinary tract infection.  Despite their prayers (which had already been answered in the form of  medical advancment) their 16-year-old son died.

Thankfully, the State of Oregon will hold this couple accountable for the death of their son.

The article also states that this 16-year-old’s cousin died 4 months earlier because her parent’s faith proved fruitless in her battle against pneumonia.

Of all 50 states, Oregon is the only state that sanctions the right of people to kill themselves.  The state is so cavalier about this law that they practically encourage people to go ahead and kick the bucket as soon as possible.

One resident got a rude awakening during the course of trying to procure a drug for her lung cancer.  This article states,  

Barbara Wagner … was turned down by the state’s Oregon Health Plan for a new drug called Tarceva. In a letter sent by a company that administers one of the state’s insurance plans, Wagner was informed of the “physician aid in dying” option that could include lethal prescriptions as well as visits to doctors required to obtain the drugs.
“I was absolutely hurt that somebody could think that way,” said Wagner. “They won’t pay for me to live but they will pay for me to die.”

Once state officials found out about this incident, they quickly maneuvered to cover up their motives and instructed the officiators of the insurance to not send such letters.

Oregon should change their motto from “The Union” to “The Place to Die”

This is a tragic story.  An Oregon man was working on his truck when it suddenly lunged and pinned him underneath.  The truck refused to get off the man.  The man passed out and then expired.

Oregon needs to do something about rogue trucks who kill their owners.

Another article about the man who was killed by his truck.

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