The creators of Momspit sent me a couple of samples.  It’s great!

I love the scents and how it foams up.  The best part about it (at least for us) is that it is alcohol free.  Our three-year old had a nasty habit of taking one squirt of hand-sanitizer to wash his hands and then he’d take another to lick!  At first we thought this was amusing, but then we heard on the news that hand sanitizers with high alcohol content can make kids drunk!  If you think this is an urban legend, read the Snopes scoop on it.

If I were the creator of Momspit, then I’d market the product along the vein of “it won’t get your kids drunk!”  Because, hey … there’s no alcohol in Mom’s spit! (Or at least there shouldn’t be.)

So if you have young kids and you’re a parent on the go, use Momspit.