I am in awe.

My wife always chides me by stating that women are the tougher sex.

But you never hear of a woman cutting off her own limb like Aron Ralston.

Aron has been one-upped.  Ines Ramirez Perez from southern Mexico performed a C-section on herself and lived to tell about it.  The baby lived too and is about to turn 8 this year.


Her husband can never complain about anything for the rest of their married life.

“But honey, it’s too cold to take down the Christmas lights.”  She would just fold her arms and stare at him and then he’d walk outside with his head held in shame.

“I don’t want to give blood for your charity event.”  Her eyes would squint and her face would harden and our boy’s shoulders would go limp as he walks to the car.

“Do I have to donate my left kidney for your cousin?”  This time her reaction would be as subtle as cactus is soft.  She would walk up to our chap, stare him in the face and deliver a prompt kick to the nuts.  He’d buckle over in a heap of flesh and moan.  His voice an octave higher, he would squeak “OK Sweety, I’ll do it.”