There is a man here at work who is just raw.  He is jittery, jumpy and seems like he could go ballistic at any moment.  If I were to predict who of all the employees would be the first to flip and either have an emotional melt-down or go postal, Mr. Caffeine would be numero uno on my list.

His name is Frank.  Because Frank drinks a gallon of coffee and three Monster drinks a day, he is very entertaining to watch.  One day, one of my collegues walked in Frank’s office.  Frank was intensly focused on reading an email.  My collegue decided to drop a dictionary on the floor of Frank’s hardwood floor.  Instantaneously, Frank threw his arms over his head and dropped to the floor as if he were being fired upon.

Frank has no tact.  He is raw.  A normal person who gets 7 hours of sleep might ask for a status update on an item thusly, “Hey Sam!  How ya doin’?”  Sam would respond accordingly.  “When you get a minute, could you please send me an update on the first phase of the project?”

Frank, on the other hand, would curtly and directly demand that Sam give him the update.  “Sam, I need the damn update yesterday!”

Frank is indeed Full Throttle