The squids are out of school and enjoying the summer.  One of the summer’s first activities for the kiddos was basketball camp.  We enrolled Little Apollo in the Josh Howard basketball camp back in March.  Little did we know that it would change our son’s life forever.

“How was your first day at basketball camp?”

“Wiiiikeeeed” he calmly replies.

“Are you OK there sport?”

“It’s all good man.  It was high times to sundown baby.”

“C’mere bud.  Lemme see something in your hair.”

I pretend to be taking something out of his hair and then I bend a little closer and take a whiff.  Yup … Mary Jane.

“Hey listen bud, you’re going to go to a basketball camp a little closer to home tomorrow, OK?”

“No problem dad … it’s all good.”

The NBA has some tough times ahead after this report.

2006 Finals

It will only be a matter of time before Cuban starts clamoring again about the Mavs’ embarassing meltdown in the 2006 Finals.  The report even takes a swipe by posting a picture of the 2006 Finals game in Miami.

This is just so sad.