Do you remember that song “We Are the World” where a bunch of musicians got together to raise funds for famine-stricken Africa?  It seems that ever since that fund raiser, there have been countless other do-gooder-things for Africa.

A recent project endeavors to put a laptop into every Afican child’s hands.  The project website has posted the project’s goal: “To provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves.”

It seems as though they are beginning to reach their goal.  In fact, in today’s news I read the following article entitled “Pupils browse porn on donated laptops

Explore – check

Experiment – check

Express – check

Here are these poverty-stricken African children sitting in class learning about math.  They’re not paying attention to the teacher.  They’re getting all heated up over at Victoria Secret’s site.

Instead of logging into eTrade to transfer their daily wage of $.25 from their bank account to their stock portfolio, they’re checking out the swimware section of an on-line retailer.

You’d think they would be researching how to maximize milk output in a cow by doing some research on Wikipedia; or that they would be posting their 5×5 color paintings of Africa brush on eBay so that they could earn some extra money to buy more chickens.

Nope, they’re just browsing porn.