So as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been promoted to SUPERVISOR.  Yes, I am no longer a peon where I work.  I actually control people now.  I have POWER!  I feel like He-Man when he pulls out his sword and yells, “I HAVE POWER!”

In fact, that’s going to be my common reply whenever anyone disagrees with me.

“But Mr. Apollo sir, we’ve always held our team meetings on Tuesday.”

“How dare you question me!”  I’ll draw my supervisor sword from my back and yell, “I HAVE POWER!!” and then anyone who questions me will fall under my spell and instantly agree with me.

One of my first power trips will be to place sensors and loudspeakers above the restroom doors.  Anytime the sensors detect a dirty sonofabitch not washing his hands, the loundspeakers will play my all-encompassing leader response, “I HAVE POWER!!”  Billy Ray Roberts will be so freaked out the first time he hear’s my powerful supervisor voice that he’ll have to go home to change his pants.  I’ll know he’ll have to wash his hands then!

The second goal I will achieve as supervisor is to watch all He-Man episodes.  I feel it’s time to take the company in a new direction.