They don’t happen often, but when they do, it feels so good.  I’m talking about “Feeling Lucky” days … those days in which everything seems to fall into place.

It all started for me last night when I went on a daddy-daughter date with my oldest daughter.  The order of business for the evening was to buy me some pants, buy her some new earrings and then eat ice cream.  Generally speaking, I don’t have luck buying new pants.  Experience has shown that I can find a pair of pants in the store that I like.  I try them on and they seem to fit fine.  Then when I take them home and begin to use them, there’s something wrong … a smidge too short … a pinch too tight … a tint off in color.  But last night was not one of those trips.  I found not one, but two pairs of pants that I liked and they fit very well.  Today, I’m wearing one of those lucky pants.

On top of that, these new pants match a shirt that I haven’t worn for a few years … it’s just been sitting in the closet.  The shirt laughed with joy when it saw my new pants.  The pair are a match made in heaven.  The shirt happens to sport my company’s logo too.

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to a CD when I had this premonition to turn the radio on.  Lo and behold one of my current favorite songs is on … Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.  I cranked up the volume and enjoyed the music. 

While I was listening to the song, I couldn’t help but think about how the Celtics just traded for Kevin Garnett.  I was a big Celtics fan in the 80’s when I was a kid.  Since 1986, it’s been nothing but bad luck for the Celts.  Now I’m hoping they might make it back to the Finals.

The song finally ends and I’m bummed, but know that it will come on again during my commute … I can just feel it.  About 5 minutes later, I turn to a different station and Crazy comes on!  I’m really feeling lucky good now.

When I get into work, my manager stops by to chat.  He needs to sign some paperwork for me.  The interesting thing to note is that he’s also wearing a company logo shirt.  You might think that’s not a big deal, but he usually doesn’t wear a logo shirt.  I’m wearing a logo shirt, my boss is wearing a logo shirt … it’s a good sign.


It was a good day today.