To complete the trifecta, we learn of an Oregon couple who thought their faith would heal their son of a urinary tract infection.  Despite their prayers (which had already been answered in the form of  medical advancment) their 16-year-old son died.

Thankfully, the State of Oregon will hold this couple accountable for the death of their son.

The article also states that this 16-year-old’s cousin died 4 months earlier because her parent’s faith proved fruitless in her battle against pneumonia.

Of all 50 states, Oregon is the only state that sanctions the right of people to kill themselves.  The state is so cavalier about this law that they practically encourage people to go ahead and kick the bucket as soon as possible.

One resident got a rude awakening during the course of trying to procure a drug for her lung cancer.  This article states,  

Barbara Wagner … was turned down by the state’s Oregon Health Plan for a new drug called Tarceva. In a letter sent by a company that administers one of the state’s insurance plans, Wagner was informed of the “physician aid in dying” option that could include lethal prescriptions as well as visits to doctors required to obtain the drugs.
“I was absolutely hurt that somebody could think that way,” said Wagner. “They won’t pay for me to live but they will pay for me to die.”

Once state officials found out about this incident, they quickly maneuvered to cover up their motives and instructed the officiators of the insurance to not send such letters.

Oregon should change their motto from “The Union” to “The Place to Die”

This is a tragic story.  An Oregon man was working on his truck when it suddenly lunged and pinned him underneath.  The truck refused to get off the man.  The man passed out and then expired.

Oregon needs to do something about rogue trucks who kill their owners.

Another article about the man who was killed by his truck.

Hundreds of paragliders visit Grouse Mountain every single day.  Day after day, these hundreds turn into thousands.  Of all these paragliding expeditions, few if any get stuck in trees.   Yet of all these thousands of paragliders, it takes an Oregonian to get stuck in a tree.

The paraglider was trying to land in Cleveland Park, but he noticed that his approach was a little bit low. As he tried to guide himself in the right direction, he noticed that he was heading towards some power lines.
“He decided his best option was to go into the trees rather than to go into the lines,” Cairns said.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the State of Oregon pratically covered with trees?  You’d think an Oregonian would know how to climb as well as dismount from a tree … right?

I’m sure the state revoked his citizenship when he came back from Vancouver.

Yesterday I read an article entitled Trading Places which dicusses the demographic inversion of the American city.  Or in other words how white people are moving back to urban and city areas and non-white people are moving to the suburbs.

Then today I read Half Sigma’s post discussing a NY Time article regarding the Section 8 federal housing voucher program.

These articles remind me of the Law and Order episode (#398 ) that discussed this whole issue of white rich people moving back into the city and how they confront black urban families who feel threatened with this white encroachment.  The tension seems to be happening in both the cities and suburbia.

Growing up in Oregon, I knew of one “black” kid.  And he wasn’t even 100% black.  I think he was half latino.  After we moved to the Southwest, we noticed the stark contrast of the white northwest to the diversified South-Southwest.

Just last year, our 2nd grade daughter was the only white girl in her class.  My wife was really anxious about that.  Her anxiety comes from an idea that Half Sigma points out … that some lower-class students don’t share our middle-class values (read this post).

I’m becoming more convinced that Oregon is or is becoming a castrated state.

These poor 12-year-old boys can’t handle playing basketball with a girl.  The 6’1 12-year-old girl‘s mom explained how her daughter got kicked off the team.

“She scored 30 points,” Jaime’s mom, Reiko Williams, told The Oregonian. “I remember one play. She stole the ball, dribbled up court and made a behind-the-back pass to a teammate. He missed the lay-in, and she grabbed the rebound and put it in. I think it was just too much for some of those parents.

“The next day, she came home and said they wouldn’t let her play with the boys anymore.”

Instead of playing like boys around this girl, the boys whine to their parents and complain that they can’t really play like they “normally” do around the other boys … so the parents complain and get the girl kicked off the team!

They are all wusses – the boys and their parents.  Jaime, the 6’1 12-year-old girl (I’m still in awe) should be allowed to continue to play on her team.  The boys just need to grow some nuts.

Those wacky Oregonians are at it again.  Exploding whales, grooming eyebrows and now this.

Inside a voters’ pamphlet, a 1-800 number is listed for voters to register on the phone.

1-800-ORE-VOTE points to adult sex line.

So instead of getting registered for an election, the voter gets an erection.

Link: Voters’ Pamplet typo point to adult sex line

News out of Oregon indicates that gangsters are decorating their eyebrows.  Although late to the call, Oregonian gangsters are finally heeding George Bush’s call for a “kinder and gentler nation

DuShaun Prince, a Centennial High School senior says, “We just figured the girls would be all hip with some cool eyebrows instead of low-hanging pants.  So we took a poll last month and found that 83% of the chicks would dig groomed eyebrows.”

Rudy Martinez, who is also a member of the Gangsters for the Improvment of Relations with the Community and Betterment of Image or (GFIRWC&BI) thinks that the poll was flawed.  In light of all the snickering girls seen in the hallways, he thinks that girls intententially skewed the poll.

The gangters have since decided to move away from groomed eyebrows and are now looking into pink wristbands or wearing tampons as earings.

Somehow Amazon thinks I live in Oregon and as an Oregonian, I’d like to learn more about Texas.

Here is a snippet of an email I received from Amazon today:
Amazon is psychic
I know that everything is big in Texas and Texans often refer to other states as “West Texas” or “Far North Texas” but I think Oregon might be a little too far away for this little joke.

So how does Amazon get off marketing Texas stuff to customers who they think live in Oregon?