In today’s post, Scott said,

the sound of custom car engines is like catnip to hot chicks.

Really, the best part of the post … the part that gave me a gut-wrenching laugh was when he said,

I’d also add the sound of a chainsaw somwhere in the distance, so the woman can imagine her personal lumberjack getting wood for the fire.

You have to read the whole post to really get that 2nd line.


He’s on a roll today.

I ask myself if I would prefer to be whacked with a rolled up newspaper when I pooped on the carpet or be forced to stay in a coffin-sized cage for several hours while desperately squeezing my butt cheeks together to keep the turtle in the shell.

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In describing the American Idol concert he recently attended, he said,

The sound system in the Arco Arena was like four winos farting in a steel drum.

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I’ve got to hand it to Reuters reported Bob Strong.  He did a hellava job writing “Icelandic museum offers long and short of male organ”

Here are a few selected quotes from his piece with the chortling parts in bold.

Sigurdur Hjartarson is missing a human penis.

The American, 52-year-old Stan Underwood, supplied a written description of his penis — which he purportedly nick-named “Elmo” — for display alongside a life-size plastic mould of the member as well as his pledge to donate it.

A growing number of people from all over the world view the collection each year, 60 percent of them women.

Hjartarson has paid for only one — an elephant penis nearly 1 meter long that hangs, stuffed and mounted on a wooden board, in the museum’s “foreign section.”

On a related note, you really need to read this blog entry by Scott Adams about the world’s tallest man getting married.

Today on his blog, Scott said,

she only licks the things she loves the most, including soft cat food, my chin, and her own ass

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Today on his blog, Scott said,

I saw an opening where I could poke my penis between a bearded guy and a guy with a fanny pack, just over the left ear of a Little Leaguer.

Unfortunatly, I was eating lunch when I read this one line and now I have to clean my monitor.

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