I had somewhat of an embarrassing situation yesterday morning.

During shift turnover, the supervisor I was relieving unexpectedly came into the office.  I didn’t see her coming.  Had I seen her coming, I would not have unleashed the violent gaseous storm that had been brewing in my gut since the previous night.

Unfortunately for her, I let ‘er rip mere seconds before she walked in.  She was taken by suprise as she entered the room.  She stumbled a bit, became a little loopy and her eyes began to water.  She covered her mouth and nose and let out a groan.  She stuttered as she tried to go over the turnover log with me.  I felt a little sorry for her.  I am used to the horrendous smell.  I’ve wilted flowers with my farts and this one was no exception.

She completed the turnover and then staggered out of the room like a drunken lemur.  I hope her drive home was safe.