One of my favorite blogs to read is The Daily Coyote.  Almost every day the author posts an update or picture of Charlie the Coyote.

Shreve, the author, took in Charlie after his parents were shot for eating sheep.  The pictures and stories of Charlie make anyone’s heart melt.  My personal favorite is found here (I just love his cute paws).

Despite all the cuteness of Charlie, he is still a wild animal.  He may appear domesticated, but he is not.  I’ve not read all the posts on her blog, but apparently she had to disable comments.  I believe it had something to do with discussions over raising a wild animal.

Although her situation may be unique and no one should judge her because they’ve not walked in her boots, I still think (as I did the first day I found the blog), that the wild side in Charlie will eventually come out at an unexpected time and he will either have to be killed or released to the wild.  Shreve seems like a smart person and so I wouldn’t be suprised if she already knows this.

The reason I’m writing about this today is because one of her recent posts talks about how Charlie acts around total strangers. “When other people are here, Charlie either hides or stands right behind me and makes a strange growing noise – it’s not aggressive, because he lets me pet him and rub him to try to calm him, but more like a nervous warning.”

We may never know the true outcome of Charlie if Shreve decides to hide a sad ending.  But if I were to place money on it, I would say Charlie will find a sheep or someone’s stray pet or dog.  Charlie would win.  The owner of the sheep or pet would find out.  There would be words between Shreve and the owner and perhaps a lawsuit.  The law would force Charlie to be released into the wild where he would be hunted by cocky cowboys.  Or even sadder still, the owner or someone would simply shoot Charlie on the spot (if he were found eating a sheep or pet).

If Shreve and Charlie manage to stay together for a lifetime or a considerable amount of years, it would be truly remarkable.